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Mandala Art Workshops for Healing

Community Mandala Project (CMP) designs, develops and teaches Mandala Art Workshops for natural self-healing, recovery, goal-setting, empowerment, manifesting and restoring peace and harmony to people, relationships and the Earth!

Mandalas help us connect and restore balance and harmony to ourselves, the Earth and our relationships. They are like visual meditations — relaxing, inspiring and fun!

Watch The Making of a Watercolor Mandala (left) and discover more About Community Mandala Project and Mandala Art Workshops!

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Community Mandala Project (CMP) teaches Mandala Art Workshops for natural self-healing, recovery and manifesting positive transformations.

CMP’s mission is to heal and restore balance, peace and harmony to the Earth and all that is life — the people, the animal and plant kingdoms.

We do this one person at a time, but YOU do your own healing, the mandala is the tool and Donna Gentile is the inspirational guide!

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Journey to the Center

Whether we set out to heal ourselves or just have fun with art, making mandalas is a profound experience!

Mandala Art Workshops take us on a journey inward to the center of self, where we (re)discover passion, purpose and strength — our “inner fire!”

From there, we create vibrant designs that radiate out. These creations are beautiful expressions of the soul, and they help us manifest the transformations we desire in life!

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Natural Self-Healing

Mandala Art Workshops empower people to participate in their own well-being!

Mandalas create calm and relaxation in the mind, body and spirit. This can be extremely beneficial for people recovering from disease, addiction, depression, abuse and more.

The act of creating patterns of symmetry causes the brain to make “order” out of “chaos,” and in that act, we feel a sense of resolution, restoration and a return to wholeness.

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Let’s Make Mandalas!

If you are an organization, school, business, individual or group and you want to help your patients, students, clients, friends, family, community or yourself explore our natural ability to heal and thrive — let the mandala show you the way!

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