Mandala Art Workshops

Mandala Art Workshops for Healing, Inspiration, Empowerment & Transformation!

Community Mandala Project ~ Art heals.

Community Mandala Project (CMP) offers Mandala Art Workshops for natural self-healing, empowerment and transformation!

IMG_8442Mandala Art Workshops are relaxing, fun and inspiring visual meditations. They are a journey inward to the center of self, and an expression outward from the soul. Using the ancient art of the mandala (sacred circle) along with mixed-media art techniques, the power of positive thought and our own personal stories, we create vibrant designs that radiate out.

In doing this, a sense of wholeness and well-being is restored to mind, body and spirit. Mandalas help us focus our thoughts, explore natural self-healing, overcome limiting beliefs and manifest the transformations we desire in life!

Our Work

7323_800x600_oCheck out our Flickr albums to view mandalas made by participants of our workshops at places like Toivo by Advocacy Unlimited, Cut Out Cancer, Connecticut Women’s Consortium, DMHAS, Hartford Public Schools (via Hartford Performs), senior centers, addiction recovery centers, domestic violence recovery groups and more!

Mandalas on Flickr


About the Instructor

Donna Gentile started making mandala art during a traumatic time and discovered profound healing. Today, she lives a vibrant life using her story of triumph along with the mandala to help others on their journey to thriving! Donna teaches Mandala Art Workshops at THE HIVE and brings her programs to incredible organizations like Toivo by Advocacy Unlimited, Hartford Public Schools (via Hartford Performs), DMHAS, CT Women’s Consortium and more! Gentile is also an accomplished singer/songwriter, seasoned graphic/web designer and loving mother.


Donna Gentile & The Hive News

Donna Gentile & The Hive News
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