“Why’d You Run,” written by Donna Gentile in 2007, is an acoustic tune with percussive Latin guitar rhythms that deals with raw and gritty emotions, and tells a story of abuse. Powerful messages caution that in the end, it is the child that suffers, and  all efforts to harm the other parent, ultimately push the child away.

What the heck are you runnin from?
Feared the rain was gonna come
Promised me the moon and more
Then stormed in and slammed the door

First you come and plant a seed
Fear and anger’s what you breed
Then you go and split the scene
You left a mess for me to clean

Why’d you go?
I didn’t know
Needed you so
But I had to let go

Years passed you’re still blamin me
What’s it take to make you see?
The rage you’re feeling it’s your own
Pin it on me won’t make it gone

You say your folks were drunk and stoned
They left you drownin on your own
Laughed in your face and they threw you back in
Is that the anger you’re still swimmin in?

Why’d they go?
You still don’t know
Needed them so
But it’s time to let go

I great the marshal at my door
He’s servin up your dirty war
There’s no weapon can be thrown
Like one’s own flesh and blood and bone

Why’d she go?
You just don’t know
You used her so
So she had to let go
And she’s your daughter

Ooh, why’d you run
Ooh, why’d you run
Why’d you run

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