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Calling all Creative Lightworkers!

We’ve all experienced a great P A U S E. What does it mean to you? What do you want to carry forward? While many across the globe are contracting in fear (no shame), many others are expanding with courage as leaders stepping into a new paradigm — the shift!

P A U S E… What will you create?

Community Mandala Project is putting out a call for you to share your vision for a better, more harmonious existence in the form of creative expressions from the heart and soul to be included in a “Unity Mandala” and a video (or videos).

Let’s use our wisdom and divine talents as lightworkers to co-create a better future for ourselves, the Earth, all of humanity and future generations.

What is a ‘Lightworker?’

When you use your creativity, strengths, spirit, vision, divine talents or other gifts to clear negative energy and help others experience a spiritual awakening for the purpose of healing the Earth and raising the vibration, you are a lightworker.

Below are instructions for artists, writers, photographers and instrumental musicians.

Visual Artists

  1. Pick a word, a series of words or a positive affirmation to represent your intention — what you want to manifest and dream into reality moving forward.
  2. Trace or draw a geometrical shape (ie: circle, square, hexagon, heart, teardrop, other) onto paper or a surface. Watercolor will require watercolor or heavier-weight paper. Markers and ink pens work well on a heavier index-weight paper. For acrylics and decoupage, use a mini canvas or cardboard. If you don’t have paper, try using recycled food packaging (ie: tea or cereal box).
  3. For a uniform circle, trace the lid of a container or jar, or drawe a circle wih a compass. Use a ruler, T-square or Right Triangle to make a perfect square or other geometrical shapes.
  4. You’re ready to design, paint or decorate your shape with your word (or words), intention or positive affirmation along with symbols, textures, colors and other media techniques!
  5. Use any medium such as watercolors, acrylic paints, decoupage, markers, stamping, collage… be creative!
  6. When dry, scan or take an overhead picture. Make sure your camera is set to high resolution (300 dpi) before taking the pic, and make sure there is plenty of natural light.
  7. See Important Notes below for submission details.


If you’re submitting an article, short story or essay, email your content as an editable .pdf, .docx or .doc file to Please remember to spell-check and proofread your document before sending, and make sure your contact and credit information is typed exactly as you want it to appear online and in print.


You are invited to submit photography to be used as backgrounds for quotes and positive affirmations in the video. By all means, include a watermark in your work. You will receive credit in the video along with a link to your photography website.

Instrumental Musicians

There is an opportunity for you to submit instrumental music for the video as Mp4 audio files. You will receive credit in the video along with a link to your music website.


  • If you are participating in any of the above ways, all you have to do is contribute original content, your contact details and credit information. Community Mandala Project will assemble the digital Unity Mandala and edit together a short video connecting all of our meaningful content.
  • Please no logos or business names.
  • Email content to Visual artists may want to include a statement about your creation (optional).
  • Please provide the exact spelling and grammar for how you want to be credited along with a link (if you have one) to your primary purpose work, talent or cause.
  • There are no fees associated with participating. No supplies will be provided by CMP.


Here are some prompts to get you thinking…

  • What are you doing as an artist, creator, thinker, maker, healer, teacher, leader, designer, inventor, nutritionist, coach, activist, steward of the land, water protector…) to shed light on possibilities and to co-create the kind of world you want to live in?
  • What are your dreams for a new, more harmonious reality and world?
  • What is needed to bring about a better future for all beings, planet Earth and future generations?
  • What are you doing to raise the collective consciousness and vibration?
  • What the healing look like?
  • How are you handling and overcoming fear during this unprecedented time?
  • How are you able to expand your heart center and belief in a more harmonious future?
  • How do you view your connection to your inner world and outer world?

Where to Submit Content

Please email all content to You must be the original creator of all content submitted.

File Types

  • Artwork can be sent as high resolution (300dpi) .jpeg or .png files, or as a vector.eps file.
  • Text can be sent as .docx, .pdf or simple text files, or typed directly into an email. Please proofread and check for correct grammar.
  • Music can be sent as Mp3 audio files.


By submitting your artwork, words, stories and other content, you are allowing Donna Gentile to share your content in a Community Mandala she will compile using contributions from the global community and in video/s she will create that will be shared with the world on social media and on websites. You will be credited, however, you will be agreeing to hold Donna Gentile and her heirs harmless against any and all claims regarding copyright infringement or other claims. A waiver/release will be emailed to you when you submit your content.

Join the Facebook Group

Join Community Mandala Project’s Calling All Creative Lightworkers Facebook Group to connect, engage, inspire and support one another on the journey forward as we co-create our ascention together!

Thank YOU!

Love, light & dark, Donna Gentile