Contribute — Together We Rise!

This is a challenging time, but a better world is coming — one we are imagining and creating together. Hang in there with me!

After 21 years of raising a daughter as a single mom and working three businesses (music, teaching art, design), I’m traveling America in a minivan with my cat acquiring skills and looking to connect with a loving community where I can make my best contribution to humanity as well as build a homestead and a parallel economy.

Please watch the American Joule On the Road Trailer for more on that.

Along the way, I’m creating for liberty. The reason I’m so passionate about freedom is because my freedoms were threatened by an abusive person who used the court system and people I hold dear to try to hold me in fear, take away my rights, destroy me and ruin my reputation.

As you can see, in the end, it didn’t work, but it sure caused a ton of fallout and harm. I fought hard to defend myself and those I love. Seeing the pain it caused others around me was the hardest part.

The healing journey has been brutal, and beautiful. The lessons have been many, as well as the gifts. Read more about My Story.

The experience instilled a passion in me to inspire, empower and strengthen others, as well as shine light on truth, and put my precious energy toward protecting the freedoms, values and traditions we Americans hold so dear.

Life on the road is different than anything I’ve ever known. Any support to encourage my efforts and help make them fruitful is greatly appreciated and will have a powerful ripple effect in the world.

Please take a look at the work I’m doing with Community Mandala Project, listen to my music, watch videos and consider making a contribution today.

Any amount helps. Thank you. Together we rise!

Support the Journey

If you’d like to support the American Joule Journey for empowerment and freedom, please use buttons below or find donnamgentile on Venmo, Cash App or PayPal and Subscribe for Updates. I’m working on rewards for a crowd-funding campaign, but in the meantime, any contribution here and now is greatly appreciated.

Thank you and blessings. Together, we rise!

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