March 19, 2023

It’s painting day three. While Ema painted a vibrant sunset background to what will be a mesquite tree, Cary added beautiful blue crystals to his agave petal. I worked on my zentangle lizard and filled in more of the grey shapes with white primer. I’m struggling with concerns that enough people aren’t participating and we won’t finish the mural by the first day of Spring, like I had hoped.

The mandala is calling folks to paint and enjoy this unique opportunity to express, connect with nature and one another. Supplies have been put in the community kitchen so people can paint when they want. I’m hoping this provides more flexibility for folks to contribute.

Regardless of disappointment due to my own expectations, today, the mural strengthened bonds and inspired a few of us to pick up paints again and create!

Please follow our progress here and follow on Instagram for regular video posts.

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