March 21, 2023

It’s the first day of Spring and the Terrasante Community Nature Mandala Mural is coming alive! The schedule called for four painting sessions with today as the completion date. In the desert, weather changes on a whim and people move in their own flow. It’s teaching me new ways to let go, adapt and be flexible. After two days of rain and wind, the glorious sun returned and blessed us with a beautiful day for painting. When I arrived at the mural this morning, to my surprise and delight, a new petal had been painted. It brought joy and energy to the project, like the feeling of flowers and buds blooming in Spring. I finalized my lizard (except for the flower) and painted more of the white mandala base with primer, bringing the number of shapes for painting to 48. Regardless of perceived challenges, my long-time dream to paint a large Community Mandala Mural is coming true and I am elated! Come back to follow our progress and follow us on Instagram for regular video posts.

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