Music is Medicine at the 19th Annual Daniel Nimham Intertribal Pow Wow

Music is Medicine at the 19th Annual Daniel Nimham Intertribal Pow Wow

FREE Admission & Parking! Come be a part of our Family!

Family fun activities all weekend long: TeePee, storyteller, pony rides, kid’s bouncy house, Native American food and Arts & Craft vendors, Native American drums & dancing, Skyhunters in Flight birds of prey demonstration and music by Donna Gentile.

There is an approximate schedule below, however starting times can be somewhat flexible. There is no word for time in any Native American language; we flow where the party takes us!

  • Host Drum: Nimham Mountain Singers
  • Co-Host Drum: Red Storm Drum & Dance Troupe
  • Guest Drums: Spirit of the Mountain Drum (Ramapough) & Grey Cloud Singers
  • Donna Gentile Music performs at 11:15 am and 3 pm (both days)
  • Head Dancers: Matt White Eagle & Chris Morning Dove

There are picnic tables, bleacher seats, and shade provided (not guaranteed). Feel free to bring your own chairs, as seating does fill up quickly!

No alcohol or drugs are allowed; all dogs must be leashed and please don’t litter! We only have one Mother Earth — we must take care of her!


201 Gipsy Trail Rd, Carmel, NY 10512-4359, United States (Putnam County Veteran’s Memorial Park, Upper Nimham Fields)

About Donna Gentile ~ Music is Medicine

Donna sings originals and roots covers with a rich, vintage voice and percussive rhythm guitar style. Think heart-felt and soulful Americana, folk, Native Spirit-inspired and world.

Gentile had a birth song come through during pregnancy after praying to ancestors for medicine called “River Song for Kira.” The song was inspired by a Cherokee tradition in which women in the tribe take pregnant mothers to sacred space and ask the unborn child and Creator to bring forth a song for gentle birthing. The mother sings the song to the baby in her belly during pregnancy and again at birth, which comforts the baby and eases the transition from womb to the world.

When Gentile’s father was home on hospice, she prayed to ancestors for medicine to help him change worlds. “Crossing Over” came through just three days before Fred Gentile passed and Donna was able to sing it to him as his soul took flight. The song was inspired by Tecumseh’s “Live Your Life” teaching. Tecumseh was Shawnee. This honor song is meant to give our loved ones wings.

Gentile’s mother is Irish, Lithuanian and German (that we know of). Her father is Italian and Slovakian (that we know of). Gentile’s daughter Kira, (shown in river photo above, circa 2006) has a small percentage of Native American ancestry, although the tribal nation is still unknown.

Gentile believes that we are all connected and all indigenous people from indigenous tribes with deep connections to nature — connections to the divine within us (the microcosm/Self) and the divine that is outside of us (macrocosm/Universe), and that the two are one in the same.

Donna sings for unity, love, empowerment, Mother Earth, return of the matriarchy, social justice and to raise the vibe.

Music Biography

Listen to Music is Medicine

“I was listening to your songs and every one of them pulled me away—out of where I sit—falling into the song—just like magic… I love your songwriting. It reveals a truth about life, as all good poetry does.”
— Mark Gruebel, ReverbNation Fan, Mukwonago, WI
 Featured photo of Donna Gentile and Tom White courtesy of Richard Killian.

Hourly Schedule

August 17 & 18, 2019

10 am -
Gates Open
Visit Native American food & vendor tables, buy raffle tickets for the handmade Native American Drum, reunite with friends and meet new friends!
11:15 am pm - 11:45 am
Donna Gentile ~ Music is Medicine
Let's start the day with sacred music to connect, become present and greet the day!
12 pm -
Grand Entry followed by Native Drumming, Singing & Dancing
US, Native American & Veteran Flags are marched in. Welcome to Pow Wow!
2 pm -
Skyhunters in Flight Birds of Prey Demonstration
This time is approximate...
3 pm -
Donna Gentile ~ Music is Medicine
Gather around for Native Spirit-inspired music to honor our sacred connections to one another, Mother Earth and our ancestors, and to honor veterans and all who serve, including the four-leggeds!
3:45 on -
Native Drumming, Singing & Dancing
7 pm -
Saturday is Movie Night in the Big Barn!
(SAT night ONLY) Come experience the Native American film industry! ($1 donation for admission to Movie Night)


Aug 17 2019 - Aug 18 2019


Donna to perform at 11:15 am and at 3 pm (both days)
10:00 am - 5:00 pm


Free Admission & Free Parking!


Putnam County Veteran's Memorial Park, Upper Nimham Fields
201 Gipsy Trail Rd, Carmel, NY 10512-4359, United States