We’re born, we walk this Earth and we cross over. We witness new life arrive, and loved ones move on. Everyone is faced with loss of some kind, and grief at some point, but are we talking about it? Preparing for it? How can we honor and move through the grieving process so we can continue to live and thrive?

The Healing Hearts Memorial Mandala is one of 12 Art for Wellness Workshops available to businesses, teams, families, groups and communities.

The whole is only as strong as its parts.

At this time, we are being called to make change — to let go of past pains, limitations and traditions that no longer serve… to master lessons learned and forge ahead as bold leaders.

Offering a workshop like this is bold and out-of-the-box for sure, but what a beautiful gift!


CancerCare Memorial Mandalas

Below are photos from CancerCare’s Healing Hearts Retreat at the Malibu Dude Ranch in Pennsylvania where participants learned creative ways to honor their loved one/s, express loss, explore their unique grieving process, reflect on memories and visualize hope for the future.

Photos © Donna Gentile. All rights reserved.