Photo courtesy Richard Killian.

About the Music

Donna sings originals and roots covers with a rich, vintage voice and percussive rhythm guitar style. Think heart-felt and soulful Americana, folk, Native Spirit-inspired and world. She has had profound medicine music come through after praying to ancestors. Read more below…

River Song for Kira — Cherokee-inspired Song for Gentle Birthing

Donna Gentile Performing "River Song for Kira" from David Ames on Vimeo.

Gentile had a Cherokee-inspired birth song come through during pregnancy after praying to ancestors for medicine called “River Song for Kira.”

In the native tradition, women take pregnant mothers to sacred space and ask the unborn child and Creator to bring forth a song for gentle birthing. Mother sings the song to the baby in her belly during pregnancy and again at birth, which comforts the baby and eases the transition from womb to the world.

Donna visited a sacred site along the Farmington River in Collinsville, Connecticut for several days over the span of a few weeks, immersed her belly into the river and asked Creator and the unborn babe to bring forth a birth song to help with the trauma that mother and child were enduring throughout pregnancy. River Song For Kira was born. It is a sacred song to be shared. So mote it be!

Crossing Over — Honor Song to Give Our Loved Ones Wings

When Donna’s father (Fred Gentile) was home on hospice, She prayed to ancestors for medicine to help him change worlds and received a teaching by Tecumseh called “Life Your Life,” which she read to her father. Tecumseh is Shawnee.

In the teaching, Tecumseh states —

“Prepare a noble death song for the day you go over the Great Divide… and sing that song like a hero marching home.”

Gentile told her Dad she would write him such a song. Then realizing the depth of the promise, she prayed to ancestors for medicine.

Crossing Over came through just three days before Fred passed, and Donna was able to sing it to him as his soul took flight.

Fred told his family, “I’m coming back as a bald eagle, so look out for me!” Donna did a sacred stone ceremony with her Dad in which she instructed him to put medicine for family members into river stones. The Eagle and rock medicine made their way into the song.

Crossing Over is an honor song that is meant to give our loved ones wings.


Gentile’s mother is Irish, Lithuanian and German (that we know of). Her father is Italian and Slovakian (that we know of). Gentile’s daughter Kira, (shown in river photo above, circa 2006) has a small percentage of Native American ancestry, although the tribal nation is still unknown.

Gentile believes that we are all connected and all indigenous people from indigenous tribes with deep connections to nature — connections to the divine within us (the microcosm/Self) and the divine that is outside of us (macrocosm/Universe), and that the two are one in the same.

Donna sings for unity, love, empowerment, Mother Earth, return of the matriarchy, social justice and to raise the vibe.


Gentile believes that we are all connected and all native people in that we all come from indigenous tribes with deep connections to nature and the divine that is within and without (above and below), and that the two are one in the same. She celebrates her Native European Pagan roots, and her heart is native to America.

Donna’s message is one of unity, harmony and healing for people and planet.

She sings (and dances) for ancestors, for veterans and all who serve, for victims of violence, for freedom, love, empowerment, return of the matriarchy, social and Earth justice, and to raise the vibe and have good ‘ole fashioned fun!

Photo collage of Fred Gentile and Eagle by sister Betsy Gentile.