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Pre-Order & Get Your EP First!

Pre-order the Donna Gentile Music is Medicine EP for $5 (+ shipping & tax), and receive yours before they are released to the public! Email me if you want yours signed!

EP stands for Extended Play. It looks just like a CD disc, but typically features 4 to 6 songs, vs a CD, which typically features 8 or more songs.

Your purchase will help fund the cost of recording, mastering, printing and duplication — and this project could really use your support, so thank you!

If You Contributed in the Past

If you contributed in the past, your rewards will be honored and you’ll get extra disks since my first release will be an EP rather than an 8-song CD as originally planned.

Thanks for hanging in there with me!

To contribute more than $5, please Contact me. Thank you for supporting my music!