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Recording Update

Thanks for checking out how to contribute, I appreciate it! In 2018, I’ll be recording a debut CD with Dirt Floor Studios. My journey in music has been a long and slow one due to the demands of life, but I’ve got a body of work to share and dammit, I’m gonna keep pluggin away until I get there!

In late summer of 2017, Tom White of Simplicity Sound Studio in Middleburgh, NY offered to record some of my more medicinal tunes for free. What an incredible gesture, wonderful and talented man and wicked cool experience it’s been working with Tom. I CANNOT wait to share with you the Donna Gentile Music Is Medicine Sampler EP that we’re working on!

Pre-Order CD for $15

Those of you who contributed prior to 2018 will get a Sampler EP and a CD. Thanks for hangin in there and waiting for so long!

To contribute, please consider one of the following, or both:

  1.  Pre-order Sampler EP for $8 — Link to come. Your contribution will help fund the cost of mastering, printing and duplication.
  2.  Pre-order Debut CD for $15 — Your contribution will help fund the cost of recording, mastering, printing and duplication.

There’s some profound music here to lift you up, connect and inspire! Pre-order now!

To contribute more than $15, please Contact me. Thank you for supporting my music!