Designer, Artist, Educator & Musician Empowering & Connecting People, Communities & Businesses for a Sustainable Future.


Get the Music is Medicine EP now on disk, stream or download, and book a strong female musician for your special event, retreat or function! Donna Gentile’s music will delight, inspire, empower, comfort and uplift!

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Art Workshops

Experience mandala and other meditative art workshops to restore wholeness and well being to body, mind and spirit. Workshops are relaxing, fun and inspiring visual meditations. They’re like yoga, but with art. Join the fun!



Design with Intention

Align your mission-driven business with DGC in the spirit of cooperation and adventure to create inspired graphic, brand and web design solutions that empower, strengthen and transform your workforce, identity and business communications.


Shop Art

Shop for Art

Purchase Mandala and meditative art reproductions on canvas, archival mandala prints and one-of-a-kind hand-painted hub caps by artist Donna Gentile for your home, studio, shop, office or for a friend or loved one!


Empowering People, Communities & Businesses!

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Music is Medicine EP is Here!

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CD Disk

Music is Medicine is an empowering, uplifting and powerful EP you’ll want to own and gift to others. Watch the video above and purchase a physical CD disk here.

$10 per CD + shipping. Secure checkout. Eco-friendly mailer. Little things matter and we care!

Digital Album & Singles

Music is Medicine is on CD Baby! Listen and download the whole EP or single tunes to your phone, computer or other device.

While there, please write a review if you’re diggin the music. Thank you and enjoy!