Art Workshops

Mandala, zentangle & meditative coloring workshops are relaxing, fun and inspiring visual meditations that can restore wholeness and wellness to mind, body and spirit, facilitate the healing journey, strengthen relationships, celebrate diversity, foster resilience and more!


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Freya is the Norse Goddess of love, beauty, and opulent objects. A seeker of pleasure and the unknown, she has the ability to tinker with magick pertaining to destiny and its ‘weaving.’

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Donna Gentile Music

Donna Gentile performs Americana, folk, world and native spirit-inspired originals and covers that inspire, move, comfort and uplift.

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Zentangle Feather

Chill and have fun with friends and a Zentangle Feather Workshop. Great for teen birthday parties or a Ladies Night Out!

Seed of Life Nature Mandala

Create beautiful patterns of nature and deepen connections to the inner world (self) and outer world (universe). A great STEAM Education...

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