“I AM” Mandala for Self-Care & Empowerment


Share your authentic self, shine your light & celebrate diversity with the "I AM" Mandala for Self-Care & Empowerment! The "I AM" Mandala is a great place to start when choosing an expressive art workshop experience. It is ideal for birthday parties, unique AirBnB experiences, yoga and meditation retreats, home parties with friends, [...]

Meditative Coloring: The Chakras


Balance, restore & activate your energy body with mindfulness & Chakra Mandala Coloring! Meditative coloring has proven benefits to health and overall wellness. Sessions are relaxing and fun, and can restore harmony, balance and a sense of wholeness to mind, body and spirit. Zentangling is the art of drawing repetitive tangle patterns [...]

Watercolor Chakra Mandala


Choose Watercolor Chakra Mandala Workshops for self-care, spiritual awakening, improved health and happiness! Chakra Mandala Art Workshops are fun, relaxing visual meditations that can restore harmony, balance and a sense of wholeness and well-being to the individual. Participants learn to draw and paint a Chakra Mandala with watercolors while experiencing a mindfulness practice for [...]

Metallic Gratitude Manifestation Mandala


Transform negative emotions and feelings of lack into 'being' and 'having' enough with a Gratitude Mandala! Bring strength, happiness and positive energy and people into your life with the practice of giving thanks. "Gratitude is a powerful catalyst for happiness. It’s the spark that lights a fire of joy in your soul." — [...]

Harmony Mandala for Relationships


Deepen relationships, build teams, encourage trust, and strengthen bonds with a Harmony Mandala Workshop. The Harmony Mandala is an exercise in partnering, teamwork, leading, following, trust, respect, patience and honing skills in diplomacy. Ideal for professional and personal applications, this workshop can help strengthen relationships in teams, [...]

Community Mandala Puzzle™ Group Activity


Bring a fun community-building experience to your event or group with a branded Community Mandala Puzzle™! Give your employees, staff or group a unique and fun community-building experience of creativity and connection while strengthening your business and brand. The Community Mandala Puzzle™ is a unique group experience involving meditative coloring and the building [...]

Healing Community Mandala Puzzle (Group Activity)


Provide a fun community-building experience with a huge 50" x 50" branded Healing Community Mandala Puzzle™! Give your guests a unique and fun community-building experience of creativity and connection while strengthening your message and brand. This Healing Hearts Community Puzzle™ was hosted by CancerCare for a retreat at the Mailbu Duder Ranch in [...]

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