Above photo of Donna Gentile and Tim White performing at Ninham Mountain Pow Wow in Kent/Carmel, NY courtesy of Richard Killian.

About the Medicine Songs

Donna sings originals and covers with a rich, vintage voice and percussive rhythm guitar style. Think upbeat, heart-felt, playful, deep and soulful Americana, folk, roots and Native spirit-inspired. Gentile has had profound music come through after praying to ancestors including a Cherokee song for gentle birthing, a Shawnee song for changing worlds, an anthem for all who serve America, and songs inspired by the journey to thriving, parenting, enduring love and more.

River Song for Kira

Cherokee Song for Gentle Birthing

River Song for Kira was inspired by a Cherokee tradition where women in the tribe take pregnant mothers to sacred space and ask Creator and the unborn child to bring forth a song for gentle birthing. The mother sings the song to her belly during pregnancy and again at birth, which comforts the baby and eases the transition from the mother’s womb to the bright lights and loud noises of the world.

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Crossing Over

Honor Song to Give Our Loved Ones Wings

Crossing Over is an honor song that is meant to give our loved ones wings and help them change worlds. The song was inspired by Tecumseh’s (Shawnee) “Life Your Life” teaching, which states:”Prepare a noble death song for the day you go over the Great Divide… and sing that song like a hero marching home.” There is Eagle and Rock medicine in the song. Please share!

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An American Song

For Veterans, All Who Serve & their Families

An American Song is an anthem and  tribute to veterans, first responders, all who serve and their families (including the four-legged and the winged). Thank you for your honorable service.

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Donna’s mother is Irish, Lithuanian and German, and her father is Italian and Slovakian (that we know of). Gentile’s daughter may have Cherokee on her father’s side, which would make sense due to the fact that a Cherokee Birth Song came through her.

The Gentile girls believe their Dad was Native American by the way he lived his life and due to the fact that a medicine song inspired by Tecumseh (Shawnee) came through him. While preparing to change worlds he said, “I’m coming back as a bald eagle, so look for me.” The family has had many profound eagle encounters since.


Gentile believes that we are all connected and all native to the lands from which we come with ancient indigenous roots and deep connections to nature and our divine Creator. She celebrates her European roots, and her heart is native to the United States of America.

Donna’s message is one of triumph, freedom, unity, healing and empowerment. She sings and dances for ancestors, veterans and all who serve (including the two-legged and the winged), for liberty, and to raise the vibration and have good ‘ole fashioned fun!