Murals Energize, Beautify & Create a Sense of Place

Wall murals create a sense of place and are sure to attract attention. Choose a custom mural or a nature mandala mural to energize your indoor or outdoor space and engage community. Check out photos below and Contact Donna to discuss your mural.

Nature Mandala Mural

Choose a Nature Mandala Mural and we’ll go over any elements you want included. Involve your group if you’d like. This is a wonderful experience for community — whether they are painting or just visiting. One thing’s for sure, people will come to be near the mural. It’s a beautiful thing!

Custom Mural

Choose a custom mural and we’ll meet to discuss your needs, then you’ll see a sketch to review what the mural will include. We’ll discuss the color palette, vibe and style of illustration you want and you’ll have opportunities to give input. Murals are a wonderful way to create an atmosphere for your guests.

Terrasante Nature Mandala Mural

View more pics of the Terrasante Nature Mandala Mural.

Sacred Earth Farm Food Forest Mural

About the Facilitator

Donna Gentile (pictured with daughter Kira) is a visionary, artist, designer, educator, author, musician, empowerment navigator and the founder of Community Mandala Project. She has taught meditative art workshops since 2002 at incredible organizations and holds a bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design. Mandala art helped Donna heal, take back her power and shine her light after domestic violence. It feeds her passion for freedom and service, and today, she travels America in a minivan with her cat connecting with nature, creating for liberty and working to empower and transform people, communities and businesses.

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