Murals Across America

Murals energize spaces, transform places, create memorable experiences, encourage connection and have the power to heal, inspire, strengthen and transform people, relationships and communities in big ways. Let’s join hands, transform lives and revitalize America!

Feel the Vibe!

The goal of Murals Across America is to inspire, strengthen and restore people, communities and spaces across our great country. To feel the vibe of Living to Thrive watch This is Me — an uplifting anthem inspired by the journey to thriving after abuse and the quote “Living well is the best revenge!” Find the song on Music is Medicine and if you are moved to, please show support below.

Support Murals Across America

We’re looking for a location and sponsors for our next mural. If you can connect us with a group who could benefit from a healing community mandala mural, please reach out.

If you’d like to show support, any contribution is greatly appreciated. Please use buttons below or find donnamgentile on Venmo, Cash App or PayPal. Thank you and blessings. Together, we rise!

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Donna’s Living to Thrive Journey

From living in fear to living to thrive!

At 25, Donna prayed for ways to help people and make the world a better place. She had no idea she had a voice or anything to say. Music and Mandala art came to Donna during the trauma of domestic violence and helped her heal.

Discovering gifts

Abuse is part of Donna’s past story, but it doesn’t define her. It helped her discover her gifts, gain the courage and strength to raise an empowered daughter, found Community Mandala Project, teach hundreds of workshops, write songs like This is Me, Crossing Over and An American Song, form deep connections with loving people, and help people in profound ways.

Dreams really do come true.

After making her own Big dreams come true, like converting a van, traveling across America, painting huge murals, and studying with some of the best thought leaders, she’s asking you to help her fulfill the Living to Thrive Mission, which supports people in creative ways with their healing journey, mindfulness practice, personal growth, spiritual path, wellness plan or big dream. Thank you!

Speaking Engagements

Donna is a positive female role model with passion for freedom and empowerment and a spirited message that will energize, empower, and inspire audiences, giving them a renewed sense of hope, self-worth and purpose. Stories, songs and antidotes are delivered authentically with love and a healthy dose of wit. Donna is known for connecting with audiences, instilling confidence, sharing stories of triumph and cultivating a positive mindset. Sometimes there’s tears, and often there’s laughter. You can bet that the energy will shift and spirits will lift — opening pathways for new possibilities, personal growth and transformation!

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