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Heart-felt, gutsy and soulful Americana, country, folk and Native spirit-inspired originals and covers that inspire and uplift. American Joule offers entertainment, connection and meaning. Booking now in the Tucson area and beyond. People are moved by her vocals, stories and authenticity. Prepare to feel something, laugh and connect!

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Music is Medicine

Music is Medicine is an uplifting and profound album you’ll want to own and gift to others. Tracks feature Donna Gentile on vocals, acoustic guitar and Native hand drum, and Tom White on acoustic guitar, resonator guitar, bass, viola, violin and percussion.

Listen to Music is Medicine. May it comfort, inspire, heal and uplift YOU!

Hear moving stories behind the powerful songs on the Music is Medicine debut album.


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Raising Awareness

Donna has performed for many great causes including raising awareness for abuse against people, horses and dogs, hope and healing for veterans and communities, for families who lost loved ones to cancer and more. As a thriver after domestic violence, she sends love and empowerment into the world through stories and songs of triumph to raise the vibration.

Please watch, like & share to spread love, awareness and healing. Thank you! 🙂

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Radio Interview

Listen to Episode 93: Donna Gentile: Music is Medicine interview on Nutmeg Chatter by Joseph Timothy Quirk and hear stories behind the music and song snippets from Gentile’s “Music is Medicine” debut album.



“One of Connecticut’s all time treasures. A rare talent with a powerful, rich and unique vintage country voice. You won’t want to leave.”

— James Copeland, Writer of Cold Steel, published by The Marshall Tucker Band

“A diamond in the rough!”

— Nicole Cassarino Conlon, DFX Entertainment

“Donna Gentile is just as her unique name intimates… Gentle, yet in touch with what is Relevant and happening Today. Through her own personal trials, and view of the world around her, she spins a web of grace musically that is unmistakably ‘Her.’ More than a musician, Donna provides a Window to the World of struggle… and ultimately Triumph. Whether as a motivational speaker or a musical treat, she offers the youth and adults of today her perspective on how to appreciate the Moment—with high expectation and Passion—as ‘Life is not a rehearsal’.”

— Robert Gottfried, ROB THE DRUMMER

“I was listening to your songs and every one of them pulled me away—out of where I sit—falling into the song—just like magic… I love your songwriting. It reveals a truth about life, as all good poetry does.”

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