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The Earth is changing. You are divine, it’s time to shine! I’m Donna Gentile (aka American Joule). Let’s raise the vibe and stand up for liberty with uplifting, empowering, meaningful and fun music, art and design. Together we rise!


Heart-felt, gutsy and soulful Americana, country, folk and Native spirit-inspired originals and covers that inspire and uplift. American Joule offers entertainment, connection and meaning. People are moved by her vocals, stories and authenticity. Booking now in the Tucson area.

Decoupage art, hand-painted hubcaps, creative tools and downloadable workshops to uplift, inspire, empower and raise the vibration…

Enjoy competitive advantages in the market with communication strategies, branding and design for digital and print, web, social, packaging, presentations and more. Communicate the essence of your business while strengthening your brand and increasing your ROI…

Watch American Joule On The Road Trailer

What starts as a mother-daughter road trip for liberty and love takes twists and turns. Join me and Little Kitts to see what life is really like on the road as we travel across America in a minivan on our quest to homestead.

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Introducing the new shop! Inspirational items and creative tools for healing, empowerment, liberty and raising the vibe. Twenty years of workshop content is being packaged for digital download to bring you powerful tools for your classroom, home school, group, gathering or event. Sign up for email updates.

Together we rise!