Hey there! This is a pivotal time and there’s a reason you’re reading this! I’m a conscious musician, artist and designer living and working to communicate truth, inspire personal and social change, promote Earth justice and empower people, communities and other conscious businesses, thought leaders, change-makers and freedom warriors. Let’s connect and join forces!

Music is medicine.

Need a strong female musician with a powerful message of resilience and triumph for your special event, retreat or function? Donna Gentile’s music and stories will delight, inspire, empower, comfort and uplift audiences of all ages!


Art heals.

The whole is only as strong as it’s parts. Give yourself or your employees a fun meditative art experience that can have a profound effect on the health and wellness of individuals, relationships, the group and ultimately, your business!


Design matters.

Donna Gentile Creative - graphic design

Save time and money, transform your business and enjoy the journey with a thoughtful, experienced and intuitive designer who delivers quality, attention to detail, honesty, communication and inspired creative solutions.


Empowering People, Communities & Businesses!

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Music is Medicine EP is Here!

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CD Disk

Music is Medicine is an empowering, uplifting and powerful EP you’ll want to own and gift to others. Watch the video above and purchase a physical CD disk here.

$10 per CD + shipping. Secure checkout. Eco-friendly mailer. Little things matter and we care!

Digital Album & Singles

Music is Medicine is on CD Baby! Listen and download the whole EP or single tunes to your phone, computer or other device.

While there, please write a review if you’re diggin the music. Thank you and enjoy!