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The world is changing. Destructive systems are crumbling, and We The People are co-creating a new reality. The time is now to remember who you are, stand for what you believe in, and shine your light. You are divine! I’m Donna Gentile, aka American Joulemusician, artist, designer and the founder of Community Mandala Project and SovereignSpark™, and I’m here to help. Let’s combine our energy, skills, talents and abilities to make the world a better place. Together we rise!

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Fire up your guests so they feel good, uplifted, inspired and connected with high quality, meaningful acoustic music by Donna Gentile. Think heart-felt and soulful Americana, folk, Native spirit-inspired, roots and world. Donna sings originals and covers with a rich, vintage voice and percussive rhythm guitar style and is sure to delight!



Empower, inspire, strengthen and transform your team, students or group with relaxing, fun and meaningful art workshops that can restore a sense of wholeness and wellness to people, communities and relationships — think yoga and meditation, but with art! Workshop packages include templates, instructions, tips, techniques and inspiration.



Help your clients transform their identity, strengthen their brand and stand out in the crowd with design and communication strategies that give them competitive advantages in the marketplace. Donna is a freelance goddess with super powers in corporate identity design, communication strategies, branding, print, digital, web, social, packaging, presentations and more.



Join the creative journey for Liberty! SovereignSpark™ is an initiative offering creative resources, teaching tools and inspiration for sacred healing, empowerment and patriotic education. Let’s defend, restore, protect and inspire liberty, sovereignty and freedom as we make America the country we know and love again. Together, we rise!

Watch American Joule On The Road Trailer

What starts as a mother-daughter road trip for liberty and love takes twists and turns. Join me and Little Kitts to see what life is really like on the road as we travel across America in a minivan on our quest to homestead!

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