Each moment

is a divine gift.

That’s why it’s called

‘the present.’

Photo by Richard Killian

Visionary, Creatrix, Designer, Patriot, Musician, Teaching Artist, Light Worker, Founder of Community Mandala Project and Building New Earth from Within.

Building New Earth from Within

Welcome fellow light beings! I’m working 0n a new project called Building New Earth from Within. The world is changing and I made my choice to boldly step forward as the divine Creatrix that I Am. Stay tuned for a new website where I’ll share stories, wisdom, inspiration and creations, and invite you to do the same. It will be a place to embrace, celebrate and express yourself as a sovereign, expansive, loving, divine being ready to create the world you envision from within.


Donna Gentile performs Americana, folk, world and native spirit-inspired originals and covers that inspire, move, comfort and uplift. Book now for your house party, event, retreat or function. Check out Music is Medicine, a beautiful and powerful album to own and gift to others.

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Check out cool Mandala and Hub Cap art and book Mandala Art Workshops with Artist Donna Gentile of Community Mandala Project. Workshops are relaxing, fun and inspiring visual meditations that can restore wellness, facilitate your healing journey and more!

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“I always know I’m going to love the results when I work with Donna. My shoulders literally drop a few inches of stress once she takes over a project. Then she and I can really have fun with the creative process!” — Kate Callahan, Connecticut’s 16th State Troubadour

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The Great Awakening

United We Stand (TRAILER) – We are here to wake one another up


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