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Creative Resources, Teaching Tools & Inspiration for Sacred Healing, Empowerment, Liberty & Patriotic Education. Membership Website Coming Soon!

Get in the fight for freedom!

No time to waste. Nobody is going to give us our power back. We have to take it. The most vulnerable and the future of humanity depend on what you and I do RIGHT NOW.

How will you contribute to the cause for Liberty?

My daughter and I are converting our vehicles and heading west for Liberty. And I’m putting all of my experience, talents and abilities into SovereignSpark, an initiative offering Creative Resources, Teaching Tools & Inspiration for Sacred Healing, Empowerment, Liberty & Patriotic Education so you can be armed with tools to help empower, heal and strengthen others. Membership site coming soon! Contact me for Founding Member perks!

Check out Projects below and to support them, please use the Tips of Love Jar or PayPal Me. Together, We Rise!

Projects to Support

Want to make the world a better place?

I can help! I’m Donna Gentile, creatrix, designer, teaching artist, musician and founder of Community Mandala Project and SovereignSpark™.  I put my heart and Soul into everything I do, and I’m combining my skills, talents and abilities with your passions and purpose, so together we can make the world a better place — one person and project at a time.

Please join me on a creative journey for liberty and personal empowerment by supporting projects of your choice.

The time is now!

1. SovereignSpark™

Teaching tools, digital content and visual resources to help support, educate and raise awareness about truth, liberty, sovereignty, America First policies and our great Constitution. Please support this endeavor with a tip. Thank you!

2. Art for Sacred Healing, Empowerment & Liberty

Founded in 2004, Community Mandala Project’s Art Workshops combine the power of lived experience, mindfulness, relaxation, inspiration from nature and wisdom teachings from around the world with fun art techniques and creative expression to inspire healing, personal empowerment, sovereignty, liberty and patriotism. There is a great deal of work involved in packaging these valuable workshops, and your support is very much appreciated. Please leave a tip in the Tips of Love Jar to help get these workshops out to those in need. Thank you!

3. Thank a Patriot

Patriots live in America and beyond serving in the US military, but that’s not all. We are citizen journalists, digital soldiers, medical professionals, business owners, home owners, teachers, artists, healers and more doing what the Constitution calls on us to do — which is to stand up for our God-given rights and freedoms. Thank a Patriot with a poster, bumper sticker, magnet or greeting cards! Links coming soon. Please support this project with a tip. Thank you!

4. Joule Memes

Please join me on Telegram to see and share Joule Memes for awareness and empowerment. Memes spread like wildfire and have the power to awaken the masses at lightening speed. Please support this effort with a tip. Thank you!

5. Creatrix Videos — Raising Awareness

Videos have the power to raise awareness, change lives and inspire positive action. Dive into Creatrix Videos below and on YouTube and Rumble, and please Like, share videos & subscribe to my channels while you’re there. If you like what you find, please support this endeavor with a tip. Thank you!

Tips of Love Jar

I hope you enjoyed exploring! To support projects of your choice, follow these simple instructions: 1.) Select project from dropdown box below. 2.) Select quantity to the right of that. This allows you to increase the amount in equal increments. 3.) Select pay button. That’s it. Super easy! Thank You 🙂


Creative Services


“I always know I’m going to love the results when I work with Donna. My shoulders literally drop a few inches of stress once she takes over a project. Then she and I can really have fun with the creative process!” What a great testimony from CT’s 16th Troubadour. View my portfolio and let’s talk!

Take Me to Design


Donna Gentile performs Americana, folk, world and native spirit-inspired originals and covers that inspire, move, comfort and uplift. Book now for your house party, event, retreat or function. Check out new music videos and listen to Music is Medicine, a powerful album to own and gift to others.

Take Me to the Music


Check out inspirational art, hand-painted hub caps and fun relaxing meditative art workshops for healing, empowerment, connection and more. Think yoga, but with art! I’m currently packaging the workshops so they can reach more people, and perhaps be facilitated by You!

Take Me to the Art