The Energy & Art of Transformation

Meaningful Design, Music & Art to Inspire, Empower & Transform People, Events, Places & Brands

Welcome! If you’re looking to energize and transform your group, event, community space or brand, I’m excited to work with you! I’m Donna Gentile — designer, singer/songwriter, teaching artist and muralist — here to help. Let’s grow!

How may I help you?

Design transforms, grows & strengthens your confidence, business and brand.

Music as medicine harmonizes energy, heals, empowers, connects & uplifts.

Inspired art helps you stand out and communicate your message with style.

Murals energize spaces, transform places, create memorable experiences & encourage connection.

What’s new?

Music Video

This is Me is an uplifting tune about living well. Released on Music is Medicine, it has helped countless people feel empowered.

Donna’s voice is enchanting, her music is captivating and her concerts are unforgettable.

Perfect for gatherings, events, retreats, weddings, life celebrations, house parties and anyone looking for a memorable, meaningful and moving musical experience.

Music is medicine!

Branded Art & Design

With so much noise in the marketplace, it’s important to stand out and communicate why customers should choose you over all the rest. Stylized illustration distinguishes and strengthens your brand.

Check out more designs and let’s talk about how you can grow!

Design matters.

Murals Across America

Murals energize spaces, transform places, encourage connection and have the power to heal, inspire, strengthen and transform people and communities in big ways.

We’re looking to fund our next big mural project, involve community, help poeple and benefit an important cause at the same time.

Follow and support Murals Across America so we can transform lives and revitalize our country.

Together, we rise!

Speaking Engagements

Donna is a positive female role model with passion for freedom and empowerment and a spirited message that will energize, empower, and inspire audiences, giving them a renewed sense of hope, self-worth and purpose. Stories, songs and antidotes are delivered authentically with love and a healthy dose of wit. Donna is known for connecting with audiences, instilling confidence, sharing stories of triumph and cultivating a positive mindset. Sometimes there’s tears, and often there’s laughter. You can bet that the energy will shift and spirits will lift — opening pathways for new possibilities, personal growth and transformation!

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