River Song for Kira

River Song for Kira was inspired by a Cherokee tradition where women in the tribe take pregnant mothers to sacred space and ask Creator and the unborn child to bring forth a song for gentle birthing. The mother sings the song to her belly during pregnancy and again at birth, which comforts the baby and eases the transition from the mother’s womb to the bright lights and loud noises of the world.

Later in life if the child loses their way, they are called back home where the tribe makes a circle around them and sings them their birth song in an effort to bring them home to their roots, connection and knowing.

Gentile learned about this Cherokee tradition during pregnancy from the band Walela. It inspired her to visit a sacred river where she immersed herself into the water and prayed for a gentle birthing song to help her and her daughter through trauma. River Song For Kira was born. Donna had the honor of singing this song to her unborn baby throughout pregnancy and at Wolf Den Pow Wow (Pomfret, CT) the Daniel Nimham Pow Wow Honoring Veterans (Kent/Carmel, NY) and at Spirit of the Horse Pow Wow (Farmington, CT).

The tune was released in 2018 on Gentile’s Music is Medicine album, which was recorded and produced by Tom White of Symplicity Sound Studio in upstate NY.

Please share this special birthing song! Thank you for listening.

River Song for Kira lyrics, music & melody © copyright 1999 Donna Gentile. All rights reserved.