River Song for Kira is a gentle birthing lullaby inspired by American Indian tradition (possibly Cherokee*) where women in the tribe take pregnant mothers to sacred space and invite the mothers to ask Creator and their unborn baby to bring forth a song for gentle birthing. The mother was to sing the song to the baby in her belly throughout pregnancy and then again at birth. This was done to ease any trauma experienced by the baby during transition from the safety and quiet of the womb to the bright lights and noise of the outside world. The tradition also teaches that when a child strays too far from the ways of the people, that youth is called home where the clan forms a circle around the youth and sings him/her their birth song as a way to bring that soul home, so to speak, or back to their roots. This resonated with Gentile since at the time, she was experiencing trauma and was concerned for the health and safety of her unborn child. In the spirit of this Native tradition, Gentile made several pilgrimages to a sacred spot on the Farmington River. At each visit, she immersed herself into the cool waters, asked Creator and her baby for a gentle birth song, and River Song for Kira was born.

*If anyone can confirm which Tribal Nation this tradition comes from, please Contact Donna.

River Song for Kira will be released for the first time ever on Gentile’s debut CD.