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Art Workshops for Mind, Body & Spirit

Community Mandala Project (CMP) is an initiative offering Mandala and other Meditative Art Workshops to inspire, empower, strengthen and transform people, relationships, businesses and communities for a sustainable future.


Mission — Healing the Planet, One Person at a Time

Using the power of our stories with meditative art workshops inspired by nature, we promote connection to self, others and the natural world in order to help people, relationships, businesses and communities heal naturally and thrive. We believe that solving the problems in the world begins with us, and healing the Planet happens one person at a time. When we see ourselves as part of the whole and realize our connection to all that is, we are stronger, healthier and happier individuals, which leads to healthier relationships and communities, which contributes to a healthier world. Earth is our only home. We must take care of her.

Workshops help you to:

• Inspire & Empower People & Communities to Thrive
• Engage Clients in New & Unexpected Ways
• Support a Diverse & Thriving Workforce or Community
• Teach Empathy, Resilience & Other Universal Principles of Integrity, Harmony, Happiness & Success
• Turn Wounds Into Wisdom, Heal Naturally & Support Recovery Efforts
• Deepen Yoga & Meditation Practices
• Set Goals & Nurture Community, Collaboration, Peace, Unity & Harmony in Teams
• And so much more!

People, Groups & Communities

Mandala, zentangle & meditative coloring workshops help you relax, focus, restore, rejuvenate and manifest the changes you desire in life! They can simply be fun and whimsical, or you can go deep and work on personal growth. It’s up to each individual! You’ll set an intention for your art, access creativity and use the power of your stories while developing resilience, empathy and connection to self, others and nature.

This process can be empowering and profound. It can inspire change, boost confidence, improve self-esteem, increase self-love, provide self-care, build cooperation in teams, help you overcome obstacles, lift you naturally from depression, calm anxiety, ease loneliness, get you unstuck from anger and even aid in healing and recovery (addiction, domestic violence, illness, pain, loss or other trauma). The applications are endless!

Workshops are themed based on your needs, tailored to your group and taught by Donna Gentile, a seasoned artist, designer and arts provider who has been developing and teaching Mandala Art Workshops since 2004.

Businesses — Celebrate diversity and inclusion with expressive art workshops that yield growth outcomes.

When people feel accepted and safe to be who they really are, they are happier, healthier and more productive. A thriving workforce makes for a thriving business!

Celebrate differences, build community partnerships, attract top talent and create an inclusive environment to drive employee and business success with expressive art workshops or a huge 44″ x 44″ diversity-themed Community Mandala Puzzle (meditative coloring workshop).

Imagine vibrant, culturally-rich artwork adorning company walls and the community engagement of an employee art show!


Yoga & Retreat Centers — Deepen your practice with visual meditation art workshops for body, mind and spirit.

Mandala and Zentangle Art Workshops are relaxing, fun and inspiring visual meditations that can restore harmony, balance and a sense of wholeness and wellness to mind, body and spirit.

Mandalas have been used for centuries as a path to enlightenment and healing. They are a journey inward to the center and an expression outward from the soul.

Compliment your yoga and traditional meditation classes with meditative art workshops!



Portfolio of Workshops


Chakra Mandala Workshops Coming Soon!

We are developing Chakra Mandala Workshops based on the western 7-Chakra system that most people in the US are familiar with and we will be announcing those workshops soon. Contact Us to book ahead!


Menu of Workshops

View our Menu of Workshops below and Contact us for inquiries or a quote.



Quick List of Workshops

Here’s a list of available workshops for quick reference.


  • “I Am” Empowerment Mandala
  • Zentangle Wisdom Tree
  • Zentangle Feather
  • Gratitude Mandala
  • Seed Of Life Nature Mandala
  • Healing Hearts Memorial Mandala
  • Unity/Diversity Mandala
  • Abundance/Money Manifestation Mandala™
  • Watercolor Healing Mandala
  • Self Care Mandala
  • Community Mandala Puzzle™
  • Harmony Mandala for Families, Partners & Teams




Photo Albums

View Photo Albums from dozens of Mandala & Other Meditative Art Workshops!



Community Mandala Project has worked with incredible companies and organizations in Connecticut and New England since 2004 including:

  • AIM for a Better Tomorrow (CT)
  • Avon Senior Center (Avon, CT)
  • Bushnell of Hartford PARTNERS Art Enrichment Programs and Plainville Community Schools (Hartford, CT)
  • CancerCare Healing Hearts Retreat (Malibu Dude Ranch, PA)
  • Canton Senior Social Services (Canton, CT)
  • Catalyst Foundation — Vietnamese Culture Camp (Hancock, MA)
  • Cherry Brook Health Care Center (Canton, CT)
  • CT Department of Mental Health & Addiction Services/DMHAS (Waterbury, CT)
  • The Connecticut Women’s Consortium — Adult & Juvenile Offenders Conference (Hamden, CT)
  • CurArt — Addiction Recovery (Collinsville, CT)
  • Cut Out Cancer at Milano Day Spa (Bloomfield, CT)
  • Dogs Deserve Better event via AIM for a Better Tomorrow at Falls Village Car & Motorcycle Show (Falls Village, CT)
  • East Granby High School & veterans via Farmington Valley Health District/FVHD (East Granby, CT)
  • FVHD and Resilience Grows Here/RGH Mental Health Initiative for Veterans & Community (Canton, CT)
  • Hartford Public Schools via Hartford Performs — Art Enrichment Programs (Hartford & West Hartford, CT)
  • Hidden Acres Yoga (West Granby, CT)
  • Lewis Mills High School (Burlington, CT)
  • LGBT Community Events by Canton Senior Social Services (Canton, CT)
  • River Ridge At Avon — Assisted Living for Seniors with Dementia (Avon, CT)
  • Susan Omilian’s Archangel Group for Domestic Violence Recovery (West Hartford, CT)
  • Toivo by Advocacy Unlimited (Hartford, CT)
  • West End Market event with AIM for a Better Tomorrow (Hartford, CT)