American Joule

American Joule inspires and empowers others through music, art and design to raise the vibration, create from love, shine light and stand up for liberty. Together we rise!


Join me, Little Kitts and our van Liberty as we trek across America to learn the old ways, share music, art and design, and find a liberty-loving county to homestead in. Follow us on social media, watch the “American Joule Trailer,” and stay tuned for episodes in 2023. I’m American Joule, and I’ll see you on the road! 🚐♥️🇺🇸

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To support American Joule use a payment button below or search donnamgentile on your phone app. Thank you and blessings!


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Introducing the new shop! Inspirational items and creative tools for healing, empowerment, liberty and raising the vibe. Twenty years of workshop content is being packaged for digital download to bring you powerful tools for your classroom, home school, group, gathering or event. Sign up for email updates.

Together we rise!


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Instagram: @americanjoule

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