Personal Mandalas

Personal Mandalas are fun and meaningful, and can restore a sense of wholeness and wellness to people, communities and relationships. Think yoga and meditation, but with art! Learn more about Community Mandala Project an initiative founded in 2004, which offers meditative art workshops to inspire, empower, strengthen and transform people, communities and brands.

Contact Donna to see if she’s in your area or for inquiries or a quote. Workshops and creative tools are being packaged for download so you can bring fun, healing and empowering experiences to your group, home school or event. Thank you for visiting!

Choose a Workshop


“I AM” Mandala

Take back your power, fill up your well, deepen your mindfulness practice, work on personal growth and support the healing journey with the "I AM" Mandala for Self Care & Empowerment.


Gratitude Mandala

Gratitude has the power to transform lives. Change your mindset and bring strength, happiness, healing and positive energy and people into your life with the a Gratitude Mandala Workshop!


Memorial Mandala

Honor and celebrate the life of a loved one, move through grief, practice mindfulness and heal your heart with a Memorial Mandala using your stories, memories, collage, love and creativity.

Other Workshops


Zentangle Feather

For a light and whimsical introduction into the world of meditative art choose the Zentangle Feather Workshop. It's a fun way to restore harmony, balance and a sense of wholeness and well-being.

About the the Founder

Donna Gentile (pictured with daughter Kira) is a visionary, artist, designer, educator, author, musician, empowerment navigator and the founder of Community Mandala Project. She has taught meditative art workshops since 2002 at incredible organizations and holds a bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design. Mandala art helped Donna heal, take back her power and shine her light after domestic violence. It feeds her passion for freedom and service, and today, she travels America in a minivan with her cat connecting with nature, creating for liberty and working to empower and transform people, communities and businesses.

More about Donna’s Story.