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Join me, Little Kitts and our van Liberty as we trek across America to learn the old ways, build and share SovereignSpark™, and find a Constitutional county in which to homestead. Follow us on Instagram, Truth Social and Gab. Watch the American Joule Trailer above, and stay tuned for episodes in 2023. I’m American Joule, and I’ll see you on the road! 🚐♥️🇺🇸

Creative Projects for Liberty

Stand up for liberty by supporting creative projects below. Together, we rise!


American Joule

What starts as a mother-daughter road trip for liberty takes twists and turns. Join American Joule and Little Kitts as they travel America on a quest to homestead. Learn more about American Joule, watch trailer above and show support below. Thank you!


Calling All Sheriffs

Community Mandala Project founded in 2004 is partnering with sheriffs, peace keepers and liberty-loving Americans to bring community mandala art projects for liberty to communities across America. Please contact Donna and support this initiative below. Thank you!


Creatrix Videos

Creatrix videos are designed to raise awareness and inspire action. They come from the heart and a deep love for America, freedom and all God’s creations. Dive into Creatrix Videos and please like, share, subscribe and show support below. Thank you!


Joule Memes

Memes have the power to reach people all over the world in just minutes. The mission of Joule Memes is to share truth, teach traditional American values, defend liberty, and inspire action. Please check out Joule Memes and show support below. Thank you!

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If you’d like to support the American Joule Journey for empowerment and freedom, please use buttons below or find donnamgentile on Venmo, Cash App or PayPal and Subscribe for Updates. I’m working on rewards for a crowd-funding campaign, but in the meantime, any contribution here and now is greatly appreciated.

Thank you and blessings. Together, we rise!


Creative tools, resources and inspiration for healing, empowerment, liberty and America First education. Twenty years of workshop content is being packaged for digital download to bring you powerful tools for your classroom, home school, group, gathering or event. Sign up for email updates. Together we rise!

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