Explore Connections to Nature & Self with a STEAM Nature Mandala


The STEAM Nature Mandala invites us to inquire about the world we live in, deepen our connections to nature and self and learn a new mindfulness practice that incorporates critical thinking, technical drawing tools, science, technology, engineering and math while having fun with art!

Mandala Art Workshops are fun, relaxing visual meditations that can restore harmony, balance and a sense of wholeness and well-being. They are a journey inward, and an expression outward from the soul.

Workshops are 2 hours and accompanied by inspirational readings, texts, instruction, relaxing music and a slide show. No experience necessary.

Participants leave with a beautiful mandala that explores connections to nature and one’s self as well as a cherished memory and new mindfulness practice for promoting self-care, relaxation and wellness.

Contact us for inquiries, quote and booking.

Prefer a Watercolor Workshop?

If you love this sacred Seed of Life nature design, but prefer Watercolor Mandalas over markers, we got you, just let us know that you want a “Watercolor Mandala Workshop” with a “Seed of Life” theme.

Benefits of Hosting

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About the Workshop Designer

Donna Gentile is an artist, designer, educator, community builder and the founder of Community Mandala Project and SovereignSpark. She has taught therapeutic art workshops since 2004 at incredible organizations and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Graphic Design. Music and mandala art helped Donna heal after domestic violence and turn wounds into wisdom. The trauma doesn’t define her. It made her stronger, gave her empathy and many gifts, and it feeds her passion for freedom, justice and empowering others.

Donna’s Story