“I AM” Mandala for Self-Care & Empowerment

Take back your power, celebrate your authentic self, strengthen resilience, boost self-esteem and confidence, nurture self-love, heal wounds, shine your light and have fun with type! The "I Am" Mandala is a great place to start when choosing from our menu of workshops. It's ideal for individuals and groups seeking empowerment, self-care or self-healing. [...]


Community Mandala Puzzle™ (Group Activity)

Community Mandala Puzzle™ © copyright Donna Gentile. All rights reserved. Experience art and connection; celebrate team spirit; reinforce your mission, goals and objectives; promote your cause or business; have fun making vibrant, meaningful and branded art to hang or give away! The whole is only as strong as its parts. The Community [...]


Zentangle Wisdom Tree

Turn your wounds into wisdom with the Zentangle Wisdom Tree art workshop. Relax and rejuvenate with zentangles, tell your tales of triumph after adversity, celebrate resilience, share your strengths, create your new story! Zentangling is a fun, relaxing visual meditation that can help participants be in the present moment and let go of stress [...]


Seed of Life Nature Mandala

Explore and create harmonious and beautiful patterns similar to those that exist in nature from the microcosm to the macrocosm. Deepen connections and relationships to the inner world (self) and outer world (universe). The Seed of Life Mandala is ideal for the nature lover, the seeker and the seer. It can help us visualize [...]


Goal Setting, Abundance or Money Manifestation Mandala™

Focus intentions; set goals; visualize an action plan; improve your relationship with money; manifest abundance; attract opportunity; strengthen belief; transform your life, practice or business! Take your Vision Board and manifesting skills to the next level! The Manifestation Mandala is a fun mixed-media workshop for learning and practicing visualization skills as well as nurturing [...]


Gratitude Mandala

Bring strength, happiness and positive energy and people into your life! Improve health; increase resilience and mental strength; increase self-esteem; improve sleep; transform negative emotions and feelings of lack into 'being' and 'having' enough! "Gratitude is a powerful catalyst for happiness. It’s the spark that lights a fire of joy in your soul." — [...]


Healing Hearts Memorial Mandala

Learn a restorative way to cope with loss. Remember, honor and celebrate your loved one; express and move through grief; connect with your grieving process; make new and lasting friendships; heal your heart. We all experiences loss at some point, but are we allowing ourselves to grieve? How can we honor and move through [...]


Unity & Diversity Mandala

Restore health, happiness & harmony to people & planet! Explore and celebrate concepts of peace, unity and diversity; deepen connections to self, others and the world around us; strengthen relationships and community; have fun while making meditative art! “We are only as strong as we are united, as weak as we are divided.” — [...]