“I AM” Empowerment Mandala

Take back your power, celebrate your authentic self, strengthen resilience, boost self-esteem and confidence, nurture self-love, heal wounds, shine your light and have fun with type! The whole is only as strong as its parts. Mandala Art Workshops are fun, relaxing visual meditations that can restore harmony, balance and a sense of wholeness and [...]


Community Mandala Puzzle™ (Group Activity)

Community Mandala Puzzle™ © copyright Donna Gentile. All rights reserved. Experience art and connection; celebrate team spirit; reinforce your mission, goals and objectives; promote your cause or business; have fun making vibrant, meaningful and branded art to hang or give away! The whole is only as strong as its parts. The Community [...]


Zentangle Wisdom Tree

Turn your wounds into wisdom with the Zentangle Wisdom Tree art workshop. Relax and rejuvenate with zentangles, tell your tales of triumph after adversity, celebrate resilience, share your strengths, create your new story! Zentangling is a fun, relaxing visual meditation that can help participants be in the present moment and let go of stress and [...]