March 25, 26 & 30

Painters  from the broader Sacred Earth community participated, and it’s been fun getting to know more people and witnessing the mandala evolving. New additions include mesquite tree seed pods and tree roots, arrundo, a flying fish, mandala dot work, a sacred flower of life and more. It’s wonderful to see the mandala filling up with gifts from nature. Terra Sante means “Sacred Earth.” We’re painting on the community water well, which sustains many people here. What a beautiful way to honor the sacred and express gratitude to Creator for the many gifts we’re given. There are numerous benefits to making art. Imagine all of the stories, thought, emotions and inspiration woven into each brush stroke, hue and color choice! Nature is our inspiration for this mural. Patterns show up in nature from the macrocosm to the microcosm, and they can be seen in our mandala. Although each petal is painted by a different artist, when you step back and look at the whole, it is a unique expression of community.

There is so much richness and depth to creating nature mandalas, including an exploration into sacred geometry. Nature is the best inspiration, and there are beautiful patterns to discover out there!

Check out Community Mandala Murals & Puzzles. When you host a Community Mandala (mural or puzzle), you get to choose between nature, liberty or healing as your theme. We chose nature here because it aligns with the Terrasante mission.

Learn more about Community Mandala Project (founded in 2004) and please come back to see our progress.

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