March 30, 2023

It’s exciting to see the Terrasante Community Mandala Mural evolving! People came from Terrasante and the Sacred Earth community. Several friends have stepped up to paint multiple petals and to offer help by inviting and/or encouraging others to join the fun.

Terra Sante means “Sacred Earth.” We are painting on the community water well. It sustains many people here, and art is a beautiful way to honor all of Creator’s gifts. A friend and fellow workawayer from across the street made a special appearance to paint a Flower of Life. We discussed the complex geometry of the sacred symbol and how she might illustrate it more simply in the short amount of time she has to paint. Her solution is clever, beautiful, and holds a strong position anchoring in the North. Much gratitude Ronda!

Sarah, a dot mandala artist painted the purple dot mandala and a sweet desert rainbow with Saguaro cactus in bloom to honor the rainbows that bless us after much needed rain. There is talk of adding more petals to honor the water. Let’s see what happens!

Rico, a landowner down the street who is currently developing Eden Arts (a sacred community focused on art inspired by nature) added a bright yellow sunburst, bringing even more joy and positive energy to our collaboration.

There is so much richness and depth to creating nature mandalas, including an exploration into sacred geometry. Nature is the best inspiration, and there are beautiful patterns to discover out there!

Check out Community Mandala Murals & Puzzles. When you host a Community Mandala (mural or puzzle), you get to choose between nature, liberty or healing as your theme. We chose nature here because it aligns with the Terrasante mission.

Learn more about Community Mandala Project (founded in 2004) and please come back to see our progress.

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