Art, Murals & Workshops

“Nature is healing and grounding. It connects us, inspires us and reminds us of who we are.” — Donna Gentile

Art On the Road

Purchase or commission art inspired by nature, homesteading, life on the road and the people, places and things we meet along the way!

Custom Murals

Commission an outdoor or indoor mural to attract customers, beautify your town or community space, promote offerings or communicate your message.

Community Murals

Mandala Murals are inspired by patterns in nature to promote harmony, foster connection and strengthen community.

Personal Mandalas

Personal mandalas combine love, nature, stories, creativity and wisdom teachings from around the world for healing, self care and empowerment.

Custom Community Mandala Puzzle (Branded)

Community Mandala Puzzles are inspired by nature to connect and strengthen people, communities and your brand. So cool!

Healing Hearts Community Mandala Puzzle™ (in a Box)

Facilitate your own huge loving Community Mandala in a Box in your classroom, at your home or special event.