Focus intentions; set goals; visualize an action plan; improve your relationship with money; manifest abundance; attract opportunity; strengthen belief; transform your life, practice or business!

Take your Vision Board and manifesting skills to the next level!

The Manifestation Mandala is a fun mixed-media workshop for learning and practicing visualization skills as well as nurturing belief—a key ingredient to manifesting! It’s ideal for individuals and groups seeking creative ways to set goals and intentions and manifest the dreams or transformations desired in life.

Workshop is 2 hours and is accompanied by inspirational readings, texts, instruction, relaxing music and a slide show. No experience necessary.

Mandala Art Workshops are fun, relaxing visual meditations that can restore harmony, balance and a sense of wholeness and well-being to the individual, which in turn can improve and strengthen the wellness and productivity of relationships, teams, groups and ultimately, your business, family or community!

Participants leave with a meaningful 12″ x 12″ mixed-media vision board in the shape of a mandala that can help with the practice (and critical process) of continually aligning to goals and intentions.

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*Featured artwork by Donna Gentile. Workshop content © Donna Gentile. All rights reserved.

About the Facilitator

Donna Gentile (pictured with daughter Kira) is a visionary, artist, designer, educator, author, musician, empowerment navigator and the founder of Community Mandala Project. She has taught meditative art workshops since 2002 at incredible organizations and holds a bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design. Mandala art helped Donna heal, take back her power and shine her light after domestic violence. It feeds her passion for freedom and service, and today, she travels America in a minivan with her cat connecting with nature, creating for liberty and working to empower and transform people, communities and businesses.