Explore the healing powers of water! Water flows, cleanses and renews—washing away that which no longer serves us. It teaches us how our thoughts and words impact the Earth and personal health. Set intentions for love to heal; transform negativity into loving kindness; restore harmony and health!

“I have discovered that the crucial element that allows for the healing of trauma is love. It is the essential ingredient to process trauma. If trauma is seen as a shock (or series of shocks) that involve the absence of love and the profound loss of connection to oneself and to others, then the healing process relies on the presence of love, support and connection.” — Patrick Holford, author of The Chemistry of Connection

The Watercolor Love Mandala is a meaningful way to explore our own natural abilities to self-heal after trauma and to open our hearts and minds to what it means to be made of water. The experience can be profound, empowering and life-changing for those open to the healing powers of water and connection.

Workshop is 2 hours and is accompanied by inspirational readings, texts, instruction, relaxing music and a slide show. No experience necessary.

Mandala workshops are fun, relaxing visual meditations that can restore harmony, balance and a sense of wholeness and well-being to the individual, which in turn can improve and strengthen the wellness and productivity of relationships, teams, groups and ultimately, your business, family or community!

Participants leave with a meaningful mandala creation, a powerful heart-connection experience, and a new mindfulness practice that can help restore wellness to self, others and the Earth.

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*Featured artwork by Donna Gentile of Community Mandala Project. Workshop content © Donna Gentile. All rights reserved.